Today is a big day! We've lowered our prices.

Today is a big day! We've lowered our prices.

Geplaatst op 10-07-2020 18:00 door Benjamin de Bos

Hey all,

Today is a big day for UsenetAgency. When we started UsenetAgency back in 2018 we couldn't have expected the overwhelming support we got from you: our customers. In the past two years we've grown with numbers we didn't deem possible back then.

We want to thank you for that.

When we started in 2018 we thought of pricing that would get us through our start-up period. That period seems behind us now and because of that we are able to adjust our pricing. Overall we are reducing our pricing by over 40%. That's more than the best promotion we've given so far! And this one is permanent!

Our new pricing looks like this:

30 days 90 days 365 days
Junior €2,95 (Was €2,99) €7,95 (Was €8,50) €29,95 (Was €32,99)
Medior €3,95 (Was €4,99) €11,50 (Was €14,50) €44,95 (Was €56,99)
Senior €6,95 (Was €9,99) €19,95 (Was €28,99) €69,95 (Was €114,99)

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Again, thank you so much for being part of the UsenetAgency family. We appreciate the fact that you're spending your hard-earned money on our company. We couldn't be more humble for being in the situation we are now.

Have a lovely day