Our Control Panel: The email tab

Our Control Panel: The email tab

Geplaatst op 09-04-2019 21:37 door Nils de Wilde

Hi there!

We promised you guys to give you more information on how powerful our Control Panel is. In this chapter of "Our Control Panel" we will zoom in on the “Emails-tab“ of the Control Panel, have you seen it already?

The email tab is there to give you, as a user of UsenetAgency, an easy access to all the Emails that have been send to you. Emails such as:

  • Your welcome email
  • The Email with your account details
  • Emails with our support team
  • Our newsletter or promotion emails

Not a tab to have your eye on all the time. But if you do miss an email, the tab is there for you to find that email you where looking for.

View your Emails tab

See you soon when we will discuss the Invoice tab of the Control Panel, which will also be the latest blog in this chapter.