Managing your products using your Control Panel

Managing your products using your Control Panel

Geplaatst op 03-05-2019 16:07 door Nils de Wilde

Hi there!

In our first blog about the power of our Control Panel we summed up all the components of the Control Panel and zoomed in a bit deeper on the Products tab. We think this tab is absolute the most important of them all because you will manage your active and inactive products and have all the information on getting on to Usenet there. That's why we wanted to give this tab a blogpost on its own.

We are trying to have more and more in the Control Panel, to give you the best Usenet experience and giving you the feeling you are completely in control of your own products with UsenetAgency.

When you order one of our four plans (Try-Out, Junior, Medior, Senior), your plan will be in the products tab. Giving you the most necessary information per product:

  • Username and Password
  • Expire date
  • Number of connections you can use
  • Speed limit
  • Reader address and the ports you can connect with

Next to that there are some quite powerful tools to manage the product, like:

  • Extend: The most quick and easy way to get on Usenet again in seconds, when your plan is expired.
  • Change your password: As of security reasons we only allow randomly chosen passwords for your products, the choice you have is to choose between 6, 9 and 12 character passwords.
  • View traffic usage: View all the traffic you have used in the last 2 weeks.
  • Live connection manager: This will show all your live connections of this product. Click on disconnect to kill the connection, this can be done in case of connection timeouts, bad connections or someone unauthorized is using your account.
  • View reader setup: We created this to have an easy guide on how to setup your product using the reader you most like. Are you missing the reader you are using? Please write us a ticket!

View your Products tab

We will be adding more powertools soon! So keep your eyes on the Control Panel and on our blog!

Are you missing something in the Control Panel? Please let us know!