Macintosh Computer Day promotion: 35% discount

Macintosh Computer Day promotion: 35% discount

Geplaatst op 24-01-2022 12:00 door Noah de Vries

Hi there!

Macintosh Computer Day, celebrated on January 24, celebrates the same day in 1984 when the very first Macintosh computer, the today well known Apple computers, was introduced to the public. Macintosh broke into the consumer market as the alternative option to other computers, and continues to be the preferred system for creatives and techies across the globe.

Some fun facts about the Macintosh Computer:

  • Full Technical specs
  • The Macintosh was introduced during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII
  • Macintosh is a reference to Jef Raskin’s (Employee of Apple) favorite type of apple.
  • The Macintosh II was introduced just under $5.500,-

The “Steve Jobs” movie is great and it provides a lot of information about the history of Macintosh that you might find fascinating. We recommend giving it a look!

But oke, back to our promotion! As we do work on Mac computers, we needed to do a promotion about the beginning of the best computers ever build (Windows fanboys coming in). That said, as of right now until the 31st of January (12:00 CET), you get 35% discount on everything at UsenetAgency.

You can find your discount in your Control Panel. Click on the Discount tab and redeem your discount. Get your 35% Macintosh discount!

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Have a happy Macintosh Computer Day y'all!

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