Kingsday promotion: 30% discount

Kingsday promotion: 30% discount

Posted at 26-04-2020 12:00 by Nils de Wilde


In The Netherlands we celebrate the birthday of the King on the 27th of April. We call it Kingsday. Kingsday is a day full of joy, dressed in orange, bands playing on every street corner, full festivals in almost every big city and garage sales on blankets. Kingsday is in our DNA, we are looking forward to the next Kingsday from the moment the last one ends.

As you all know, Kingsday can't be celebrated as it should be this year. Covid-19 forces us to do things really different: in everyday life, and therefor also in celebrating Kingsday. We will miss getting together and celebrate the kings birthday as we do each year.

There is a new Covid-19-proof way to celebrate Kingsday it's called Homeday! Celebrate as you like to, dress yourself in your best orange outfit, drink a lot of Orangebitter (that's booze :-)), sing the Dutch anthem at 10am and have a party! But the most important thing, do this all at home! This will definitely be a Kingsday we'll never forget!

Kingsday might be different then other years, discounts stay the same. And that's why: As of right now until Friday the 1st of May (12:00 CET), you'll get 30% discount on everything!

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Happy Homeday (Kingsday) everyone!