We've increased the speed of our plans!

We've increased the speed of our plans!

Posted at 06-06-2019 13:55 by Nils de Wilde

Hi there,

Today is a day that you will not forget.

Today we gave our Junior and Medior a major upgrade. Our Junior and Medior plans are pretty popular these days, that's why we thought we'd increase the speed. Especially for you.

This upgrade means Junior and Medior get a mind-whopping 33% speed increase!

So, without increasing the price, you all got more speed on the following plans

  • The Junior plan was 30 Mbit/s, we made it 40 Mbit/s from now on.
  • The Medior plan was 60 Mbit/s, we made it 80 Mbit/s from now on.

The new speeds will not only affect new plans, but it will also be effective for existing plans. Starting from today.

So for those who where in doubt of getting a new plan with UsenetAgency, this is the moment to get your hands on our boosted plans!

Order those boosted plans now!

Want to get in contact with one of us? Don't hesitate! Contact us.

Much ❤️