The power of our Control Panel at your disposal

The power of our Control Panel at your disposal

Posted at 01-03-2019 13:00 by Nils de Wilde

Hi there!

We wanted to tell you guys all the power that our Control Panel can offer you.

Let's sum up all the components and zoom in on one of them:

  • See and edit your personal information
  • Manage your products
  • See and open a support ticket with our support team
  • Connect your account to the available social networks
  • Check all the e-mails you ever got from us
  • Download your invoices generated by ordering a product

Now let's zoom in on manage your products. Within this tab you can manage your active and inactive products.

  • Change the password for the product
  • View your traffic usage per product
  • Show all the live connections active per product
  • See a per newsreader setup configurator

Take a look at the Control Panel

Keep an eye on our blogs for more tips and tricks on our Control Panel and all of it's features.