Stay home, Stay safe!

Stay home, Stay safe!

Posted at 23-03-2020 17:00 by Benjamin de Bos


In times of crisis like we are in now, we feel like we bond as a worldwide nation more than ever. Staying at home can be challenging at times. We love to see that people reinvent old ways and find new ways of interacting with people close by. But also with people all over the world. As Usenet is one of the oldest ways of interacting with people all over the world we think we should reinvent the use of Usenet as it is supposed to be. Use Usenet to interact with people you know, but also as a way to connect with new people. Think of it as if you were in the pub :-).

At UsenetAgency we can contribute by sharing our news servers. Together with all of us we contribute by staying at home. Following the guidelines of fighting COVID-19 as imposed by your country. Stay home, don't shake hands and keep your distance. We can do this!

We encourage you to stay home and interact with people in a reinvented way. We like to help with that and therefor put up our longest running discount so far. And that's why: As of right now until Friday the 10th of April (12:00 CET), you'll get 25% discount on everything!

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Stay home, stay safe. We're in this together!