Our Control Panel: The support tab

Our Control Panel: The support tab

Posted at 20-03-2019 13:00 by Harry Smith

Hi there!

We promised you guys to give you more information on how powerful our Control Panel is. In this chapter of ”Our Control Panel” we will zoom in on the support-tab of the Control Panel, have you seen it already?

The support-tab is the tab you hopefully never have to use. But in case you can't fix your problem using our Help Center, the support-tab is here to help. Through this tab you can create a ticket for our support team as easy as possible.

Submitting a ticket is simple, just give us a small description and a message explaining the problem in as much detail as you can. Do you have a screenshot with the problem or error code? Even better, you can attach the screenshot with you ticket.

After submitting your ticket, the support tab is also the place where you can monitor your submitted tickets. View the replies from our support team or close the ticket when your problem is solved. Of course you'll also get notified through e-mail when there is an update.

View your Support tab

See you soon when we will discuss the Social tab of the Control Panel.