New feature in the Control Panel: UserTester!

New feature in the Control Panel: UserTester!

Posted at 08-05-2019 15:18 by Nils de Wilde

Hi there!

In our latest blog we promised you guys that we will come with new features for our Control Panel soon. Well, today is that day. We proudly introduce the UserTester in our Control Panel!

Ever struggling to setup your favorite usenet reader? These problems can have multiple causes and we want to give you the power to see what is going wrong. Our UserTester let you see if your username and password combination is working on our servers. The UserTester is best to use when getting the following error codes:

  • Error 480 – Authentication required
  • Error 482 – Authentication rejected
  • Error 502 – Account suspended – Wrong username/password

So login to your Control Panel and go to the products tab. On the right side of your products you will see a new button called: "Test login information". The script will run in an on screen terminal and gives you a success at the end when the user is accepted. Don't get a success at the end of the script? Please contact us by submitting a ticket.

Try the UserTester now!

Please contact us when you have an awesome idea for the Control Panel!