National Conversation Week promotion: 35% discount

National Conversation Week promotion: 35% discount

Posted at 24-05-2024 12:00 by Emma Jansen

Hi all

In our increasingly digital world, face-to-face conversation seems to be fading faster than a dial-up connection. Emails, texts, and social media posts have become our go-to methods of communication, leaving real, heartfelt conversation feeling like a relic of the past.

And since you need to talk about something during your conversation, we thought we'd give you a starting point. That's why: as of right now until Friday 31st of May 2024 (12:00 CET), you'll get a 35% discount!

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Remember, conversation is a two-way street. By making a conscious effort to connect with others, we can build stronger relationships, create a more positive environment, and rediscover the joy of real human interaction. Have a great day!