Halloween promotion: 30% discount

Halloween promotion: 30% discount

Posted at 27-10-2020 12:00 by Benjamin de Bos

Super spookey Howdy!

Warts and blisters, hairy feet, Monster are walking down my street.

You may think, they scare me; you're probably right. Black-cats and goblins on Halloween night.

Kids are walking around like scary ghosts. But here we are as your Usenet hosts.

Did you already pack a ton of sweets? Don't eat it all otherwise there won't be any treats.

The witches' hat so stiff and high, But she's bringing you your discount through the sky.

Halloween is finally here, So all you scared cats it's time to fear.

Get your 30% discount it won't be long, It only lasts 7 days before it's gone.

Happy Halloween

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Happy scary days!